Are you hoping to become parents? Do you understand your fertility?  If you are trying to achieve a pregnancy, wouldn’t it be an advantage to know when you are most fertile?  How do you recognize this time of maximum fertility?

Serena can help you answer many of the questions that come to mind when thinking about becoming parents. Read on to learn more!

Are we fertile?

Becoming parents is the beginning of a wonderful adventure for each of you as a couple. To be able to achieve this goal, you need to be able to conceive. Serena can help you identify when you are fertile within each menstrual cycle, which can help you to conceive naturally.

Do I Ovulate?

In most cases you will be able to observe outward signs that indicate whether or not you are ovulating. Changes in certain hormone levels will lead to changes in cervical mucus and characteristics of the cervix, which signal ovulation is approaching.  A sustained rise in basal body temperature will confirm that ovulation took place.

Serena can help you recognize these signs of fertility. To learn to observe these signs and to learn how the Symtothermal Method can help you to conceive naturally contact your local Serena team.

Do I have healthy cycles?

The Symptothermal Method can document problems such as anovulatory episodes and irregular menstrual patterns, which could diminish the chances of becoming pregnant.  It also may help uncover possible causes of infertility or sub-fertility by identifying cycles that are overly long, short or irregular, or post-ovulatory phases that are too short or irregular.

What are the most fertile days?

The most fertile days are the days just prior to ovulation. By closely monitoring the characteristics of the cervical mucus and the changes in the cervix, couples are able to recognize and take advantage of their time of maximum fertility. Couples are often under the false impression that they are most fertile when the temperature has risen. In fact, the temperature rises after ovulation has occurred. Therefore, couples should not use the temperature as their guide, but rather, time intercourse based on the signs of fertility.

Am I pregnant?

The Symptothermal chart informs the couple of the probability of a pregnancy very soon after conception in a very economical way.  An extra rise in the basal body temperature is often present around the 8th day of high temperatures (approximate time of implantation). Having 20 consecutive high temperatures is a very accurate indication of pregnancy.

By being able to confirm the pregnancy sooner, you can start to alter your lifestyle to optimize your baby’s prenatal development, and to have a healthy pregnancy.

Want to learn how to use all this information?

To learn the Symptothermal Method and how it can help you conceive a child, contact your local Serena team to schedule a teaching session. Being taught by a certified teacher couple can help you learn to observe all of the above signs and much more.  It will also provide you with the tools you need to help you achieve your goals.