Serena is a charitable organization that specializes in teaching the Symptothermal Method of Natural Family Planning (NFP). Our provincial organizations provide teaching and chart interpretation services across Canada. Serena Canada supports the provincial organizations, advocates for NFP, and works with our medical advisors to continually improve our teaching materials and methods.

Our success is due to the teamwork of our passionate volunteers and staff. This includes teachers, coordinators and our medical advisors. We are so thankful for the tireless efforts of our volunteer teacher-couples, as well as many others who generously give their time.

Our History

Serena (SErvice for the REgulation of NAtality) was founded in 1955 by Gilles and Rita Breault. They realized that Catholic couples in their community of Lachine, Quebec, needed an effective way to plan their family that respected their values.  By 1964, approximately 30 teams were delivering much-needed Natural Family Planning education in regions in Quebec.  Financial support by Health Canada for natural family planning contributed to Serena’s growth in the decades that followed.

Throughout the 1970’s, local Serena organizations formed all across Canada.  Today, these organizations continue to be volunteer-led, relying on a network of volunteers and supporters to make teachings available and affordable.

While Serena teaching originated within the Catholic natural family planning movement, Serena is committed to making the Symptothermal Method and NFP education affordable and accessible to everyone.

Our Philosophy

Every couple can learn to understand their fertility, and use this awareness as the basis for making family planning decisions. Respect for individuals and for human life from conception is central to our philosophy.  We believe that Natural Family Planning should be available everyone.

Fertility is a positive asset, not a medical condition. The inability to conceive (infertility) warrants treatment, in the hope of returning the body to its normal, healthy state.

Medical Advisor
Dr. Suzanne Parenteau

Serena is honoured by the long-time commitment of our medical advisor, Dr. Suzanne Parenteau. She is a world-respected fertility researcher and a vital part of our team. The method we have today has largely been developed and refined by Dr. Suzanne. She continues to develop and review our technical materials, with the help of a medical advisory committee.

Dr. Suzanne Serena has been involved in consultations with health and other NFP organizations and professional agencies both within Canada and internationally. She was part of the international team of researchers who documented the criteria for using the natural infertility of breastfeeding after childbirth, leading to the development of LAM (the Lactational Amenorrhea Method).