SERENA Canada is a registered charity which supports the teaching and promotion of the Symptothermal Method of Natural Family Planning all across Canada.  A big part of this involves supporting the Serena teacher-couples who volunteer their time to teach the Symptothermal Method and help couples interpret their charts. Your donations help make this possible.

Please help us to fulfill our mission to empower women and men to manage their fertility naturally!

Your financial support helps us:

  • Tell people about the Symptothermal Method
  • Hold workshops
  • Train new Serena teachers
  • Improve our teaching materials
  • Provide a free online charting tool

You can also help by
Volunteering or becoming a Teacher-Couple

If you are interested in supporting Serena’s work in a particular Canadian province or territory, let us know by adding a note to your donation, or consider donating to one of these local SERENA charities.

SERENA British Columbia
SERENA Saskatchewan
SERENA Manitoba
SERENA Ontario

We have groups providing services in Alberta, Nova Scotia & New Brunswick. Thankfully we are able to provide online services in the Canadian Territories and provinces including PEI & Newfoundland & Labrador.