In Tune With Your Fertility

by Suzanne Parenteau, M.D

In Tune With Your Fertility is an excellent reference for anyone wanting to know more about natural fertility and the Symptothermal Method.

It explains in detail the scientific foundation of the observable signs of fertility which reveal in real time the fertile phase and the infertile phases of the menstrual cycle. This knowledge and awareness empowers couples to adapt their sexual behaviour in order to meet their goal to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

In Tune With Your Fertility offers numerous examples of the Symptothermal Method being applied to various situations that a couple may encounter, but it cannot replace the teaching provided by Serena.

If you use this book as your introduction to the Symptothermal Method and would like to start using it we encourage you to attend a local Serena teaching session.

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In Tune With Your Fertility can be purchased at a discounted price
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In Saskatchewan and Ontario a copy of In Tune With Your Fertility is included in the price to learn the Symptothermal Method.

Retail price $42.95.
This book is also available in French, La fertilité apprivoisée.

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