There are times in life for couples and their families when there is a need to postpone pregnancy; when times like these occur, couples look to family planning methods to aid them. The more common methods that people hear about are typically artificial means such as condoms, hormonal contraceptives, and IUDs, but are there natural options?


Serena teaches the Symptothermal Method of natural family planning. When used properly, a couple has a greater than 99% chance to postpone pregnancy. The Symptothermal method works in harmony with the woman’s body, and does not have any of the side effects artificial forms of contraception do.

Using the Symptothermal Method, is a natural way to avoid pregnancy, that does not harm the woman, the environment, or the couple.   It is as effective as other artificial methods of family planning but without the side effects.  Besides being an effective way to postpone pregnancy, practicing the Symptothermal Method, is beneficial to the you as a couple.

To practice the Symptothermal Method effectively Serena stresses the need to receive proper training from a certified teacher-couple.

For more information on the Symptothermal Method of Natural Family Planning, and how it can help you to postpone pregnancy, and to schedule a training session please contact your local Serena representative.  Please click here for contact information.