• Free from artificial hormones?
  • Knowledge based?
  • Highly effective?
  • Ecologically friendly?
  • Reversible?
  • Involving your partner?
  • Empowering?
  • Healthy?
  • Economical?

Then Natural Family Planning may be what you are looking for!

What is Natural Family Planning?

Natural Family Planning (NFP) refers to the use of knowledge of the woman’s Menstrual Cycle to guide the couple’s decision to time intercourse according to their plan to achieve or postpone a pregnancy.

To Prevent Pregnancy:

Natural Family Planning, when used competently to prevent pregnancy, is comparable to that of the IUD and contraceptive pill, but without the side effects. It is more effective than the condom, the diaphragm, the cervical cap and spermicides.

Effectiveness of the Symptothermal Method (PDF)

To Conceive:

Couples who use Natural Family Planning have a high chance (assuming there are no major fertility issues) of conceiving if they time intercourse to the most fertile days of the month. Natural Family Planning can help them to identify these days.

Can I Still Use Natural Family Planning After Childbirth or During Perimenopause?

Whether you are breastfeeding or have reached perimenopause, Natural Family Planning can work for you, however the rules of the methods differ during these times. In order to effectively use the method in these situations, a couple must learn from an experienced teacher couple.

What is Required to Use Natural Family Planning Effectively?

Natural Family Planning requires a good knowledge of the signs of fertility during the menstrual cycle. These signs help the couple to make informed choices about their sexual behaviour depending on whether they wish to achieve or avoid pregnancy. Natural Family Planning requires communication between the couple. Both partners need to be motivated to learn and follow the rules of the method. To be practised effectively all Natural Family Planning methods require Abstinence to be used during fertile days when pregnancy is not desired.

Periodic Abstinence is worth it!

Even though this time of abstinence looks like a drawback many couples have found these times of abstinence to be a great benefit.

Just as food tastes better when we are hungry, so a little abstinence makes the eventual union sweeter. Similarly couples, who know that a period of abstaining is coming, are more likely to use the time they have now. Studies show little difference between couples using Natural Family Planning and couples who are using contraceptives, in how often they have intercourse.

Sometimes this time of abstinence can be a time of increased awareness of your partner’s sexual attractiveness. This can translate into increased attentiveness and desire for intimacy. Many couples report more communication during this unique  time and find that can be an opportunity to grow in love.

Despite these potential advantages, this period will sometimes be difficult. At these times it is worth reflecting that self-discipline is a necessary component of love. It tells your partner that she or he is worth waiting for.

Can We Use Other Methods During Fertile Times?

NO! Couples might be tempted to use barrier contraceptives such as condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, spermicides, or withdrawal during the fertile time to avoid having to practice abstinence.

Studies show that this practice does not increase effectiveness. All barrier methods are less effective than abstinence, so using them during the most fertile time reduces the effectiveness of the natural method to that of the barrier or chemical method used.

Also by using other methods and trying to avoid the period of abstinence some of the psychological benefits of this period of waiting lovingly will be lost.

Natural Family Planning’s effectiveness depends on couples observing the times of abstinence when they are postponing pregnancy.

Why Choose This Way of Life?

Natural Family Planning is a natural choice which is not only effective, but also brings personal satisfaction. It gives the benefit of self-knowledge, an admiration for nature, is cost effective and ecological. It has no negative side effects and is very user-friendly once the couple has become familiar with the method. It leads to harmony between the couple, deepens intimacy, renews romance and enriches the family life.

Note: The use of a Natural Family Planning Method does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases or infections.