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Thursday, 01 August 2013 10:18
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Family Planning is a major issue for many couples. Even if there are a number of options available to aid couples in achieving their goals, none are perfect, without side effects or effort. Birth control pills destroy the delicate hormonal balance of the woman’s body and condoms are barriers in more than one way.

Many women today desire to use a natural approach to plan their family and work in harmony with their body during their fertile years. If this is what you are looking for, then you might want to consider the Symptothermal Method of Natural Family Planning developed and taught by SERENA.



Natural Family planning is a scientifically proven way of spacing out births of children.  Modern methods of Natural Family Planning are scientifically backed. They have the same effectiveness rate as other more widely used methods of family planning, but without the harmful side effects to the woman’s body or the environment. And they are done at a fraction of the cost of these other methods! If you are interested in learning more about Natural Family Planning click here.

There are three main methods of natural family planning in Canada:

  • The Symptothermal Method (STM),
  • the Billings Ovulation Method and
  • the Creighton Model.

Serena specializes in the development and teaching of the Symptothermal method of natural family planning.

The Symptothermal Method as taught by SERENA uses basal body temperature and symptoms of fertility such as: mucus, cervix changes, and others. These symptoms indicate the woman is possibly fertile and when she is definitely infertile.

The Symptothermal Method works in harmony with the woman’s natural reproductive cycle, even during:

  • breastfeeding,
  • perimenopause and,
  • in other circumstances.

Whether you have a ‘regular’ menstrual cycle or not, the Symptothermal Method can work for you!


Using the STM enables men and women to make decisions about their fertility:

  • to achieve pregnancy,
  • to avoid pregnancy,
  • or to space the birth of their children.

From the beginning of a woman’s fertile life, through the child rearing years, during the possibly many years of fertility between the last child and menopause, the STM remains an effective guide for understanding and managing fertility. To learn more about the STM click here.

The information on the website is not sufficient to allow people to use the method accurately. Make an appointment today with a Certified Teacher-Couple for complete instructions.


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