Benefits of the STM for the Couple

There are many benefits to using the symptom-thermal method, however, one of the main benefits of the Sympto-Thermal Method is what is does for the couple using it. From over sixty years of experience in natural family planning, and countless testimonials from couples using the method we have found that these are some of the main benefits that couples who have used the Sympto-Thermal Method receive:

  • Helps maintain a strong bond between the couple

Nothing is more intimate than the talking about your sexuality.  Talking about the most intimate things in your lives helps to maintain a strong bong between the two.  The understanding that the Sympto-Thermal Method gives the couple about the woman’s cycle, requires the couple to talk about whether or not they desire to achieve or avoid a pregnancy each month, allowing for communication and mutual decision making on intimate issues.  All of which helps to maintain a strong bong between the couple.

  • Open Communication

Using the Sympto-Thermal Method requires open communication between the couple.  Having both members involved facilitates open conversation on the couple’s sexuality.  Using the Sympto-Thermal Method requires active participation from the man.  This in turn allows him to be aware and sensitive to his wife's cycle of fertility and the effects this has on her, which in turn allows them to communicate better.

  • Mutual Respect

It allows the man to understand, and learn to appreciate and respect the woman’s fertility.  By talking about and understanding all the different observations of fertility, the man can come to see the beauty of the woman’s natural cycle of fertility; that her fertility is not a disease which requires medication.  It also requires of the woman to come to respect the man’s constant fertility and not view it as something which she needs to be protected from by use of a condom.  The use of the Sympto-Thermal Method allows for the couple to develop a mutual respect of each other’s fertility, and by extension of each other.

  • Mutual Decision Making

Because both partners are involved in charting, it allows for mutual decision making on whether or not to engage in intercourse based on their joint desire to conceive or avoid pregnancy.  It does not put the burden of family planning solely on the woman.  The Sympto-Thermal Method allows for the couple to participate in a more equal way, and to make mutual decisions when it comes to planning their family. This should not come as a shock to people as couples make decision together from financial planning to parenting.  Couples need to make decisions together in all facets of their shared lives, planning your family is no different and the Sympto-Thermal Method is a great way to facilitate this.

  • Increases Intimacy

Periods of abstinence can be difficult for couples; however most couples find that these periods are actually times of increased intimacy.  As the couples have made these decision together, they have to work together during these times.  This period often allows for deeper conversations, coming to know your partner in new ways, and is a time to renew romance. These periods as well as talking about all these things work to increase intimacy between the couple.

These are but a few of the benefits that couples receive in practicing the Sympto-Thermal Method, and all of these things when put together work towards creating a stronger marriage bond, and commitment.

If you are interested in experiencing these benefits and would like to learn more about the Sympto-Thermal Method, please click here to contact your local Serena to schedule a teaching session.

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